Hedonist, Coffee Maker & Cats Lover

«I do not consider myself as pleasure dealer because pleasure is neither sold nor purchased, it is sharing. »

Sharing. Probably the term that best describes Jickow.

Masked behind his famous Lego man, He is one of those who stretches their strings to their bow. Hedonism Party Crew’s leader but also DJ, producer, event manager, or talent agent, the neo-Belgian has a very busy schedule. Serenely, Jickow manage to find a place on the Belgian electronic scene.

Born in the south of France, it is between Montpellier and Marseille that Jickow does its things during several years as DJ, artistic director (Warm-up and Bazar Marseille), but also through his agency where he will reveal huge talents like Amine Edge & DANCE or German Brigante. During this period, he will go abroad, mixing for famous European clubs like Kater Holzig, the Rachdingue, the Pacha, the Hinterhof, or Jesus Club

Back to end of 2016, the Jickow project is born, now exiled in Belgium. 4 years later, Celas Mazzola (his real name) offers us an artistic signature more techno. It will quickly take place in the Belgian scene where its appearances are quickly noticed and validated by a public increasingly conquered.

It is through his project “Hedonism Party Crew” that Jickow wants to give back to the public the energy it gives him. 6 editions and a series of big names later (Lee Van Dowski, Oxia, or Anthony Rother for example), the collective gets a good reputation in the heart of Brussels’ nightlife. Jickow does not forget local talent: On top of each edition, he proposes to up-and-rise local DJs to goes on board of this hedonism call, and offering residency spots to some of them; remaining the notion of sharing which is one of the pillars of this project.

2018 will also be its investment in production. Taking part of Beatfreak Recordings artist catalog, one other proudest achievements is to sign on one of its reference labels “Resopal Schallware” whose release is scheduled for September 2018 and the EP will be available in digital and vinyl. Timid Boy and Matt Sassari will take part of the remix duty

“Thank you for always leaving the door open. I have missed you”

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